Mzbel Speaks Out Against ‘Baby Passport’ Culture: ‘I’m Too Proud to Buy Citizenship'”

Mzbel Speaks Out Against ‘Baby Passport’ Culture: ‘I’m Too Proud to Buy Citizenship’


Famous Ghanaian singer, manager, and businesswoman Mzbel recently gave an explanation for her choice to give birth domestically, saying she doesn’t think it’s desirable to pursue citizenship for children born abroad.

She said she didn’t feel comfortable going for this purpose alone. Popular Ghanaian social media personality Kofi Gabs, who lives in the Netherlands, made remarks that shaped Mzbel’s position.

In a widely shared video, Gabs talked about how easy it was to get a US visa using his Dutch passport as opposed to his Ghanaian passport.

He maintained that the benefits of having a Dutch passport are more significant than the distinction of having a PhD from Ghana.

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The Ghanaian community responded to this in a variety of ways, with many defending the importance of regional education.

Mzbel stressed how determined she was to instill in her kids the idea that success is achievable even in the absence of applying for citizenship abroad.

Different viewpoints on the advantages of studying and working in Ghana as opposed to chasing possibilities outside are discussed as the conversation goes on.

Watch the video down below.

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