Shatta Wale Goes Off on Professor Roselyn, Calls Her ‘W@gy!mi’ in Heated Ran

Shatta Wale Goes Off on Professor Roselyn, Calls Her ‘W@gy!mi’ in Heated Ran

The self-proclaimed “king of dancehall,” Shatta Wale, has attacked Legon Dean of Students Affairs with a caustic tone.

Following the last-minute cancellation of his act at Reunion Rave Artiste Night last week, Shatta Wale proceeds to insult the intelligent woman.

Shatta Wale claims that it makes no sense for Professor Roselyn Kwarteng to have canceled his show.

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Shatta Wale made an emotional appearance and spoke, accusing Professor Roselyn of harboring a particular disdain for him despite the fact that she had not spoken to him directly to hear his side of the tale.

Shatta claims he is convinced Stonebwoy slandered him to Professor Roselyn, which is why she canceled her show.

See the following video to learn more.

A statement regarding the Reunion Rave Artiste Night, which was originally scheduled for last week but was abruptly canceled, has been posted by the event organizers.

Dancehall star Shatta Wale accused Stonebwoy of being the reason behind the cancellation in a live video when word of it leaked out on social media.

The organizers said in a statement that they were hired two months prior by the executives of Jean Topp Nelson Yankah Hall.

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