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Gossips about burying live sheep and fowl; Genesis of Moesha and Salma’s beef explained

Gossip blogger Cutie Julls have explained the genesis of the beef between two Ghanaian actresses, Moesha and Salma Mumin.

The two socialites are been subtly beefing for years but the beef became known when they hid behind fake accounts to fight in 2019 over allegations that Salma went to Turkey for body enhancement surgery.

Well, it seems the beef has resurrected again in the last few days.

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Gossip Blog, Cutie Julls alleged that Salma got to know from a friend that Moesha have been gossiping that she has buried a live ram and white fowl at her restaurant.

With this allegation, she decided to cut ties with her peacefully without social media drama

Below Is How Cutie Julls Scripted The Gist

Ghana, the genesis of the whole beef started when Moesha allegedly started spreading that Salma burried a live ram and a live white fowl infront and at the back of her restaurant respectively.

Those with good memory who followed our old page are not new to this.

So as the rumour started going round and gradually started affecting Salma’s eatery bussiness. They were still kinda cool. Untill Moesha told the one of the most celebrated gossips in the movie industry [name withheld for now]. That person used fake account to chat Salma and informed her all that Moesha has allegedly been saying.

Boom, Salma quickly started withdrawing from Moe but couldn’t do it violently as that will only make that serious allegations more popular. She was advised by our sweet girl, Hajia.

We don’t know if Moesha’s allegations were true but one thing Moesha is known for is that she mostly doesn’t formulate.

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