You’re A Bad Parent If You Allowed Moesha Boduong To Influence Your Children – MzBel

You’re A Bad Parent If You Allowed Moesha Boduong To Influence Your Children - MzBel

MzBel has rubbished talks about Moesha Boduong having a bad influence on people.

Celebrated musician MzBel has argued against those saying Moesha Boduong was a bad influence on children.


In an interview on AfroJoint, he was asked by the host Fiifi Prate her take on talks that Moesha Boduong influenced many young ladies to live wayward life with how she was living on social media.

MzBel rubbished this and said Moesha Boduong wasn’t living a life to influence anyone and that she was just posting her life on her own social media platform.

According to MzBel, whatever Moesha did, she did it for herself with no intent to influence anyone to do same.


According to MzBel as a parent if you sit sheepishly for your children to be influenced by socialite, you’re a bad parent

She urged all parents to be the influence on their own children and do everything to stop them from being influenced by what they see on social media

MzBel also blasted pastors who are using Moesha Boduong’s predicament to preach in church in the name of advising their members.

She argued that the lady was just having fun and had an accident and that accidents could happen to anyone, whether you’re good or bad.

The once vibrant socialite, Moesha Boduong is currently battling stroke according to her brother who has set up a GoFundMe account to solicit money for her.

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