Yomo mu Godfather- Ghanaians troll Fada Dickson for applying too much yomo

Yomo mu Godfather- Ghanaians troll Fada Dickson for applying too much yomo

Fadda Dickson Narh, the managing director of the Despite Media Group, is unintentionally trending on social media right now.

Fada Dickson is seen deeply engaged in a discussion with renowned Ghanaian actress Jacky Appiah in a widely shared video.

Whatever the purpose of letting the videographer record and upload the film was, it was not fulfilled, even though no one knows.


Instead of reacting enthusiastically on the video, netizens chose to pull the legs of Fada Dickson, alleging that the “yomo” he applied was too much.

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In the comment area, a netizen wrote, “Arh!! Is that Dickson there? what’s atop his head.


In other news:

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