Wedding Guests- Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding season is always fun to get together with friends and family, crack open a bottle of champagne, and dance the night away. But it’s not just a party; the newlyweds want you to join them in their celebration of love. They must have spent days planning the best wedding ever for them. As a wedding guest, you must remember that there are several Do’s and Don’ts that you must follow before attending the wedding.


Being a guest at someone’s wedding comes with its own set of responsibilities. Plus, each wedding is different, so understand and prepare accordingly. Here’s a list of something you must do.

1) Maintain a Dress Code

Almost every wedding nowadays is themed, and the invitation also mentions the dress code. Nobody wants to feel under or overdressed at a wedding, so dress codes exist to make you feel more at ease. A dress code allows guests to dress in accordance with the event’s theme. If a couple suggests a particular dress code, trust that as they are doing so for a reason. For the occasion of a wedding, it is always preferable to dress formally rather than casually. Avoid wearing something white and ivory until and unless asked to do so

2) Be punctual

The most important thing for a wedding guest is to be on time and arrive at the venue. Weddings can begin with rituals and progress to the first dance or wedding speech. Don’t postpone preparations until the last minute and try arriving 20 minutes before the scheduled time. If you don’t know where the wedding will be held, you should leave early to avoid any last-minute problems on the road. Furthermore, if the couple has organized group transportation for you, arrive on time at the pickup location because no one likes a late guest.


1) Please leave the bride alone.

The wedding is a special day for both the bride and groom as they are going to embark upon a new chapter in their lives. It marks the beginning of the formation of new relationships and bonds, especially for a bride. This day is much more important for the bride because she has to leave her home and have to settle in a new environment with new people. So, don’t be a stress factor by going in when the bride is getting ready or by calling in the morning and asking unnecessary questions. As her morning will be preoccupied with various tasks of getting ready, plus she will have plenty to worry about.

2) Always RSVP on time

When it comes to wedding season, everyone gets baffled. Everyone is tying the knot, and you may find it challenging to keep track of your invitations. But RSVP procrastination can even destroy couples’ whole planning and arrangements, so always try to make that clear in advance. Remember, the couple would need your confirmation to finalize catering, rooms in a hotel, and seating chart. With so much already going on, it’s safe to say the last thing they want to do is follow up with each guest to settle their bills! Instead, make sure to RSVP as soon as possible. Make them clear whether you can or cannot attend, and RSVP immediately rather than leaving the invitation on your kitchen bench. Your friends will appreciate your promptness!


After mentioning the things, you should do, there are some things you must not do in order to cut down on embarrassment and ruin everyone’s mood. So, here’s a list of things you should never do at a wedding.

1) Don’t Assume you can bring plus one.

Never bring a guest unless and until it is stated explicitly in the invitation. It’s a fact that weddings are expensive, and the couple may not even expect you to bring another person unless you are incredibly close to them. If your wedding invitation only includes your name, you should not tag someone unless they are your husband or wife. Each additional guest incurs an additional charge. Assuming that you will bring a plus one to a wedding with no seating arrangement or extra meal can be awkward for you and the couple.

2) Don’t overuse your cellphone.

Phones have become an integral part of our lives, and it can be challenging to keep your hand off your phone, but on occasions like weddings, you must set the phone aside to make others feel valued and respected. One of the most important wedding guest etiquettes is to turn off your phone during the ceremony. Plus, when taking pictures, make sure that your phone’s flash is turned off because the photographer will only have a limited time to photograph couples. In a nutshell, limit your cellphone usage and enjoy the wedding. A plus point will be not to post pictures without the couple’s permission.

3) Don’t go overboard with food and drinks

Food and drinks are two things that most people enjoy at weddings, but they are expensive for the couple. If there is a buffet dinner, open bar, feasting menu, or dessert station at a wedding, be mindful of your serving and only have your fair share; don’t go overboard just because the food and drinks are free. Remember that the couple may have only organized the food and drinks to meet the needs of their guests, and going overboard may result in leaving other people empty-handed. Respect that fact by remaining classy rather than going crazy over free food.

4) Don’t rush off

Understandably, weddings can be one hectic business, and people may feel like rushing off to their homes. But that does not showcase good etiquette. So, you must at least stay until the cake is cut at the reception. After that, you can express gratitude by thanking them and politely telling them how much you enjoyed the wedding. A small token of appreciation will make the couple happy.


Although weddings are generally enjoyable, it is essential to recognize the efforts made by those involved. Following the wedding guests, etiquette will also help to keep your host happy and make them feel respected. So, whenever you go wedding next time, keep this list of dos and don’ts in mind to improve your overall wedding experience.

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