We secured business for the wives; the 2nd wife re-married – Tiger Eye reacts to Mrs Suale’s allegations

Tiger Eye PI has officially reacted to allegations leveled against Anas Aremeyaw Anas by the 2nd wife of Ahmed Suale.

The 2nd wife of the slain investigative journalist was on Islamic network, Iqra to seek public help with allegations that her deceased husband’s employers have neglected her, the first wife and 4 children.

She said she’s been evicted from her house and the 4 kids have dropped out of school.

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Barely 24 hours after Mrs Suale’s allegations, Tiger Eye PI has released a statement to clarify things.

According to the press statement, the company gave family of Ahmed Suale a lump sum and saw to it that the two wives got their share.

The explained that the company secured businesses for the wives to invest their share of the lump sum.

On the 4 children, Tiger Eye PI says they still pay school fees for all of them.

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They revealed that both wives were sent back to their family as Islamic customs demand but the 2nd wife re-married and moved to her new husband’s place in Ashaiman.

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Anas gave Ahmed Suale’s family $10,000 – PR of Tiger Eye replies wife of Ahmed Suale

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