Volta River Authority Issues Alert for Potential Overflow at Akosombo Dam

Volta River Authority Issues Alert for Potential Overflow at Akosombo Dam

The public has been informed by the Volta River Authority (VRA) of its plan to start releasing extra water from the Akosombo Dam.

It has gotten in touch with the appropriate parties ahead of the possible spill to create a plan to stop property and human harm from occurring while the spill is happening.

The notification, which was signed by Ing. Ken Arthur, Deputy Chief Executive in Charge of Services at the VRA, stated that work on the spillage will start as soon as the VRA gets ready to open its spillways.

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The VRA is worried that the structural integrity of the dam could be compromised and that towns downstream could be in risk if the excess water is not spilled.

The Interior Minister, every assembly in the dam’s catchment areas, and additional stakeholders were all addressed in the notice.

Discussions about the possible effects of the spillage, mitigating actions to lessen its influence on communities and livelihoods downstream, and information sharing will be facilitated by the engagement.


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