Video: Kwadwo Sheldon mocks Shatta Wale for not taking care of his mother

Kwadwo Sheldon mocks Shatta Wale for not taking care of his mother

Kwadwo Sheldon, a Ghanaian content creator and YouTuber, has mocked Shatta Wale for failing to care for his mother after she recently revealed her sickness.

This comes after Shatta Wale’s mother emerged in a video sobbing out, accusing the musician of leaving her for over ten years and denying her contact with him.

Furthermore, she claims to have had health problems as a result of a lack of sufficient treatment, which has had a negative impact on her current situation.

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Many people assumed Shatta Wale, who claimed to be Ghana’s richest artist, could handle everything without informing the public.

Shatta Wale, who has already revealed his side of the story, claims to have had inadequate parental care following his mother and father’s divorce.

He supposedly claims to have bought four automobiles and given his mother a mansion in East Legon, but she continues to disgrace him on television.

Kwadwo Sheldon, who has bad blood with Shatta Wale despite their feud being mended, reacts to the news of the dancehall king and his mother’s condition.

Sheldon claims that, unlike Shatta Wale’s mother, his mother will never openly admit that he does not care for her.

Sheldon insists that he loves his mother the way she wants to be loved, even though he is “dancing around the corners.”

“Shatta Wale’s mother revealed in a video that she is unable to pay for additional expenses, including as medical costs. This world is unsettling. He chuckled, “I can’t comment on it, but I take good care of my folks, so it will never be my mother.”

Check out the video below:

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