Stay Single Than Date Broke Guys-Actress Advises Women

Budding South African Actress, Pinky Girl, ignited  controversy with her recent tweet which advised women to stay single than start off a relationship with a financially handicapped guy.

Pinky, expounding further on her buzzing tweet, the “Being Bonang” star stated that the guy must not be a millioniare but must be on some type of hustle.

She also alleged that many women settle for less in relationships, because of s£x.

She wrote;

“FACT: Nobody wants a broke boyfriend. Am not saying he must be a millionaire or a billionaire. But something must be done. Something must happen. Simple. Rather stay single. And do your own thing.

That’s what am talking about…do something. Keep the relationship moving. Girls settle for less, for guys that don’t do any don’t work or try to support nyana for the sake of sex. No ways. Relationship must grow. Get married have kids build a family. A man must do what’s best.”




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