Shocking: Presidents and big men want to chop me- Wendy Shay reveals

Presidents and big men want to chop me- Wendy Shay brags

The musician Wendy Shay, also known as “Ghana Wake Up,” has revealed something startling.

Wendy Shay believed that speaking out was a preferable course of action after fabricating allegations of being Henry Fitz’s prey through a series of postings made on her official social media accounts.

In a self-shot video that has gone viral on social media, Wendy Shay asserts that she does not personally know Henry Fitz and that she has never had sex with him for payment.

The leader of Shay geng stated that she has worked hard for everything in her life, even the purchase of a Range Rover.

She revealed that the final thing she would do before leaving this world would be to sell her body for cash.

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Wendy reportedly disclosed that many presidents and wealthy men are in her direct message (DM) with the intention of exchanging money for sex, as evidence that she is a large girl and does not sell her body.

She claims that none of the aforementioned groups of people have received her ear, and that’s not who she is.


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