Pregnant Wife And Boyfriend Hire H!than To K!ll Borga Husband Who Has Returned With Money

Pregnant Wife And Boyfriend Hire H!than To K!ll Borga Husband Who Has Returned With Money

A pregnant wife hired a k!ller to eliminate her husband after he returned home from abroad.

A pregnant wife married to a Borga husband hired someone to k!ll her husband so she can marry her boyfriend.

Having returned from South Korea to live with her wife, the wife got pregnant but she fell out of love with him.

The pregnant wife, Adwoa Boakyewaa plotted with her boyfriend King George who happens ti be a land-guard to eliminate her husband so they can enjoy their relationship with no obstacles.

They plotted with the k!ller, friend of King George on how to enter their house and execute the job.

The plan was to give the husband sleeping pills so they can easily take his life.

On night of action, the boyfriend gave the k!ller a knife as he waited for the wife to give him the signal to attack.

Finally, the wife alerted him that the husband is asleep so he can come and execute the job.

The wife assisted him to enter the room, he tied the husband who was deep asleep and when he was ready to use the knife, the husband opened his eyes.

To create a sense of innocence, the wife ran out of the room and started screaming ‘thief thief’ so that people will believe the husband died from robbery.

Unknown to her, there were 6 police hiding close to the house

The police rushed to the wife to lead them to the room only to see the hired k!ller with a knife.

Apparently the hired k!ller who wasn’t so into the job had already informed Otec Fm who also arranged with police to hide close to the house.


The police took both the wife and the hired k!ller to the police station and made the wife call King George to come for his balance because the job has been executed.

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