Numerology: Are Some Numbers Really Luckier Than Others?

Numerology: Are Some Numbers Really Luckier Than Others?

Whether you believe in numerology or not, numbers themselves carry a lot of power. Just take the number 13 as an example. Some airlines skip this number entirely when assigning rows, while many of us make major changes to our daily routines when a Friday the 13th comes along. Likewise, numbers that are traditionally seen as lucky tend to be seen as good omens when we encounter them.

Getting to Grips with the Basics of Numerology

In numerology, every number until nine is assigned a meaning. These meanings are then interpreted by individuals to help guide them through their day-to-day lives. The number one is related to renewal and correlates positive traits like individuality and a change in direction. The number two has reserved connotations and is typically associated with fortitude and self-restraint. If you keep on coming up against this number, you can interpret it as a sign that you need to slow things down a little.



The number three is heavily tied to the individual and relates to your emotions and how you communicate with other people. Four is linked to organisational skills, making it a useful number for work, while five is analogous with freedom.

If you’re happening upon the number six regularly, you might want to take stock of your home life. Rather than being overtly lucky, the number seven has a deeper meaning. In numerology, it represents spiritual development. Eight is often associated with finances, so encountering a lot tends to mean you’re overly focused on material gain. Finally, number nine denotes an ending. If you’re experiencing this number frequently, it could be a suggestion that you need to move on to a new chapter or put certain things behind you.

Putting Numerology into Practice

If you want to delve deeper into numerology, you’ll first need to calculate your life path number. Calculating your life path number can be a little tricky, but as it’s the most important value in numerology, you’ll want to get it right. To start, you’ll need your date of birth.


Take a pen and paper and write out your birth date in full as single digits. Next, add all of these numbers together, continuing to do so until you only have a single figure remaining. This solitary digit is your life number. Now you have it, you’re ready to make inspired decisions in your everyday life.

LCan Numerology Help You Beat the Odds?

Thinking about using numerology to gamble online? There are many different wagering strategies you can use to turn the odds in your favour. Some play it safe by keeping their wagers low to minimise losses, while others choose to reach even deeper into their bankroll and double their bets after a loss. With certain casino games like blackjack and poker, there are hundreds of different playing strategies that can be utilised.

If you want to keep things simple and experiment with your life path number, think about using it when selecting numbers on roulette wheel bets. Many online casino platforms now offer live dealer roulette, poker tables, and more.

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