Netizens Blast May Yul For Videoing Widow Junior Pope’s Wife During Condolence Visit

Netizens Blast May Yul For Videoing Widow Junior Pope’s Wife During Condolence Visit


After taking photos with late Jnr Pope’s wife, several social media users questioned May Yul’s move, calling it disrespectful for sharing them

May Edochie pays a condolence visit to the late actor’s widow

The pain of losing someone close to us is a deep wound that never really heals; it becomes a part of who we are. Each memory, each shared experience, is a thread that will be sewn into the fabric of our future lives.

May Edochie has navigated this tumultuous sea of sadness, her heart burdened with the weight of her own devastating loss, the death of her beloved son. With a genuine awareness of the crushing misery that follows, she gave Junior Pope’s widow a reassuring embrace and a heartfelt, consoling shoulder in the middle of her terrible grief.

May became a safe haven from the raging storm at that moment, demonstrating the transformative power of empathy and compassion to heal the greatest grief.
May Edochie, the estranged wife of Nollywood star Yul Edochie, recently shared heartfelt photos during a condolence visit to Jennifer Awele, the widow of the late actor Junior Pope.

May is seen in the video and photo bringing comfort to the grieving widow, who lies on her with a mournful expression.

May Edochie used Instagram to post photos and videos of her condolence visit, extending her deepest sympathies to the family of late actor Junior Pope.

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In her writings, May ardently begged for the grieving family’s lives to be filled with peace and eventual happiness.

May Edochie shared photographs and videos from her stay, writing:

“Swagking and principal of the swag nation, as you are finally laid to rest today, may you find eternal rest in the bossom of the Almighty 🙏.” You may not be physically present, but I am sure you want your family to be okay.

Dear @Qutejay, I encourage you to look up to the hills and find strength in the Lord. I understand how difficult it was to get these grins, but I hope you may find reasons to smile again in all of these.

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