Medikal Seeks Redemption: Issues Apology to Media Houses for Hurtful Comments

Medikal Seeks Redemption: Issues Apology to Media Houses for Hurtful Comments

Rapper Medikal from Ghana has apologized deeply to media outlets nationwide for his recent outburst, which received criticism from a wide range of quarters.

In a live interview with Mzgee, the controversy started when Medikal became irate over what he thought were pointless questions.

When Medikal posted a video on social media insulting Mzgee, the UTV staff, and management, the issue became more heated.

His outburst didn’t end there; he continued to attack other media outlets, imitating his confidant Shatta Wale’s divisive actions.

Unexpectedly, Medikal has withdrawn his remarks and extended an unconditional apologies.

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He made it clear in his apologies that he never meant to offend any media outlet or journalist.

He expressed contrition for his behavior and acknowledged that the media had played a significant role in advancing his career.

According to his own words,

“I adore the media because they promote my work, but I’m the kind of person who will respond to you if you approach me.” I don’t mean to offend anyone, but my reaction can sound or appear disrespectful.

“I am a human being and I make mistakes,” he continued. I’m sorry if I used any offensive language during that time; I was just “vexed.” Since I am not a robot, it goes without saying that I have emotions. Nevertheless, I would like to thank all the media outlets that have supported me.

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“I want to humbly apologize to the UTV crew, Mzgee, Osei Kwame Despite, Fada Dickson, and all other journalists and media outlets in Ghana. I apologize sincerely for any offense caused by my remarks, which were inappropriate. Medikal said, “I respect the work that journalists do and the part they play in the industry.

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