Lilwin finally tells the reason he chose Ramsey Nouah as the Lead Character in his new movie

Lilwin finally tells the reason he chose Ramsey Nouah as the Lead Character in his new movie

Lilwin, a Ghanaian director and filmmaker, recently discussed the difficulties encountered during the production of his most recent movie, “A Country Called Ghana.”

The project’s original goal was to have an all-Ghanaian cast. Lilwin clarified that in order to increase its appeal internationally, particularly for streaming services like Netflix, they subsequently decided to add a few Nigerian performers.

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It was suggested that two Nigerian actors, Victor Osuagwu and Charles Anwurum, better known as “Awilo Sharp Sharp,” be included.

Lilwin explained in an interview with Hitz FM that Ramsey Nouah was brought on as the main actor after the original cast backed out just ten days before filming was scheduled to start.

A “light-skinned Ghanaian actor who is a superstar” had originally been selected for the part; they had even discussed terms and made outfits according to his proportions.

“We talked a lot and even decided on a price,” Lilwin said. “But despite our negotiations and budget considerations, he decided to cancel, citing payment concerns, after learning that some Nigerians were joining the project.”

The Ghanaian actor persisted in imposing limitations, such as limiting the number of shooting days and refusing to work on weekends, despite several discussions.

This prompted Lilwin to call off the agreement and look for a substitute, which resulted to Ramsey Nouah being cast.

Before Ramsey traveled to Ghana to work on the movie, agreements were made and half of the payment was received. The process of getting Ramsey on board was reported as going well.

When asked which Ghanaian actor was giving him trouble, Lilwin said he would reveal this information following the film’s debut.

Watch the Interview below:

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