LilWin clashes with Mr. Logic on-air over the latter’s critique of ‘A Country Called Ghana’

LilWin clashes with Mr. Logic on-air over the latter’s critique of ‘A Country Called Ghana’

On live television this past weekend, actor and producer LilWin got into a furious argument with Mr. Logic, the artiste manager.

LilWin was discussing the difficulties faced by the film industry when the argument broke out.

The actor said that Mr. Logic is ignorant about the film industry, but he still criticizes filmmakers and the business, all the while bemoaning the government’s lack of support and disregard for the motion picture business.

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Our authorities have given the film sector little attention. They don’t offer any assistance at all. As a result, everyone is seeing the industry’s demise. LilWin stated on United Showbiz on UTV that “Mr. Logic over here does not know the industry, he knows nothing about the industry.”

LilWin’s remark offended Mr. Logic as well, who responded by challenging the actor’s casting and film production background.

“What were you saying? that my knowledge of the film industry is nonexistent? that my knowledge of movies is lacking? How much do you know about making movies?

When was the first film you produced? Which year did you book your very first acting role? Since you’re an actor, you must be knowledgeable about the business, right? Mr. Logic shot back against LilWin, saying, “Anyone who understands casting and directing can easily produce a movie.”

LilWin specifically targeted Mr. Logic because the entertainment commentator had previously panned his film “A Country called Ghana,” in which he had a number of well-known Nigerian actors.

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When there are equally talented actors in Ghana, the artiste manager questioned LilWin’s choice to showcase Nigerian performers. At the time, the actor responded to Mr. Logic by making a joke about the comment that suggested Mr. Logic ate edibles infused with marijuana.

Following that, Mr. Logic made a public declaration announcing that he would be suing LilWin.

But Mr. Logic claimed on the Saturday, May 11 show that if a well-known individual had intervened, LilWin would have received the court records by now.

Watch the video below:

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