King Paluta: “Stop the importation of weed or we’ll continue to use it”

King Paluta: “Stop the importation of weed or we’ll continue to use it”

King Paluta, a rapper and singer from Ghana, has advised the authorities tasked with preventing the entry of illegal substances into the nation to be extremely effective in their work.

He contended that addicts will misuse these medications if they are brought into the nation illegally.

During an interview with Ato Kwamina on Connect FM, situated in Takoradi, the hitmaker of “Yahitte” revealed he had no trouble writing songs that inform young people about drug misuse.


Paluta also questioned why, despite it being against the law, some individuals were growing marijuana in Ghana.I don’t bother releasing lyrics that discuss drugs because I didn’t introduce marijuana or pot into the nation. We’ll eat them when they arrive in the nation; we won’t let them go to waste.

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“Despite being checked by customs and other officials, these items manage to enter the nation. Consider how that comes about. In our country, there are even people who grow marijuana, and nothing is done about it, he claimed.

Paluta clarified, though, that while he opposes drug misuse, the police ought to be held accountable.

That being said, I in no way advocate drug usage or urge others to consume drugs. However, people in authority ought to prevent it from entering the nation since, once it does, it will be eaten, according to Paluta.

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King Paluta also pushed for the government to legalize marijuana usage and cultivation due to the economic advantages it would bring to the nation.

“I think there is a business aspect to marijuana use, so I think the government should legalize it nationwide,” he stated.

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