Joyce Blessing couldn’t create simple English sentences, Julie Jay Kanz says

Joyce Blessing couldn’t create simple English sentences, Julie Jay Kanz says

For the first time in a long time, Julie Jay, the former publicist for gospel singer Joyce Blessing, has spoken out about issues that came up while she was working with the singer.

Julie Jay said on the Afro Joint Snow that she was invited to become a blogger for the team in an interview with FiiFi.

But eventually, she had to take over Joyce Blessing’s social media accounts since Joyce was unable to write well-suited words for her postings on the platform.

Once more, Julie Jay disclosed that in addition to managing Joyce’s social media, she accepted a position as a publicist, working as her assistant and brand manager; nevertheless, the label was unable to pay for her services and subsequent heavy lifting.

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When Joyce Blessing’s social media profiles were taken down by Julie Jay after they split up, she vehemently denied ever doing anything of the sort, claiming the accusation was false.

About four years ago, Joyce Blessing and Julie Jay-Kanz fell out. It was revealed that Julie Jay was having an affair with the former’s husband, Dave Joy.

Joyce Blessing’s road manager and publicist was Jullie Jay Kanz. She moved in with Joyce Blessing and her husband, who also serves as her manager, at one point during their relationship.

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But after Joyce Blessing filed for divorce from her husband, Dave Joy, over the course of a few months, their relationship soured.

Jullie Jay was always in the middle of their divorce. According to sources, she was secretly dating Dave Joy.

She did, however, come clean and say that the divorce was brought on by the musician’s adultery with her gym teacher.

Joyce Blessing has consistently claimed that Dave Joy and Jullie Jay are working against her. She says the two have taken over her internet platforms, to the point where she even started a new one.

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