I Didn’t Lea.k SerWaa’s Video, I have Almost 30 “Odie” Videos of Serwaa – Mr Henry Fitz

I Didn’t Leak SerWaa’s Video, I have Almost 30 “Odie” Videos of Serwaa – Mr Henry Fitz

I was the one in the video with Serwaa; at last, Henry Fitz grants an interview.


Regarding who posted the bedroom video of Serwaa and Mr. Henry that went viral on all social media, there have been a lot of opinions.

In a recent interview, Mr. Henry Fitz disclosed that he did not post the video online. He gave the explanation that he has a ton of footage of himself and Serwaa, but he hasn’t published it since 2019. This is because he has a family to support and seven children. He went on to say that he would never do anything to infringe on someone’s dignity.



In the video, Mr. Henry acknowledged that he was the one in the viral video and clarified that Serwaa was aware of his marriage before he started a romantic involvement with her.

Additionally, Mr. Henry affirmed that Nana Aba and Serwaa served as the MCs at his 2019 weeding.

Additionally, Mr. Henry disclosed that he has no financial hardships, has never asked for help, and all of his possessions are still in one piece.

Watch the entire interview to learn more:


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In other news

Since Serwaa Amihere and Henry Fitz, her purported ex-lover, have been trending on social media for the past four days, it is obvious that the verbal abuse they are receiving won’t be stopping anytime soon.

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