Heartbreaking as wicked landlord evicts dying breast cancer patient and her two kids in Kasoa

Unable to pay rent in April, they have faced eviction notices on their doors, police officers attempting to remove them, pressure from property owners to immediately vacate and written demands from landlords spreading falsehoods about the emergency laws. Some tenants said they were moving out as a result, becoming homeless.

But the accounts and records from tenants across the state indicate those regulations ultimately fail to provide relief for those who are most in need, and are not being properly enforced. In some cases, the confusing patchwork of local ordinances has allowed landlords to continue targeting tenants in a state that had a severe housing crisis.

A 43-year-old breast cancer mother claims she has been forced to leave her rented home as her health deteriorates.

Agnes Dogbe is bedridden with the disease and can’t pay her rent or take care of her two daughters.

The woman, who lives in Kasoa in the Central Region, is also facing potential homelessness as her landlord wants her out and none of the members of her family will take her in.

The condition of breast cancer at Agnes Dogbe has reached an acute stage. Her left breast is purple.

Thus according her, as their condition deteriorated a few years ago, her children’s father fled.

“I called on my parents to come and help me but they declined.

When the ailment started my elder sister took me to Accra’s Ridge Hospital, but after that she declined to come and help me again. I had to go for a scan that cost GHC700, but when I told my sister she said she couldn’t afford it, She told me.



Written by Opoku Asiedu

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