Ghanaian Restaurant Owner In USA Offers To Employ ‘Born Again’ Chef Smith

Ghanaian Restaurant Owner In USA Offers To Employ ‘Born Again’ Chef Smith

A Ghanaian restaurant operator in USA has offered to employ Chef Smith.

A Ghanaian who operates a restaurant in USA has offered employment to Chef Smith.

This follows an emotional apology to the public for pulling a Guinness World Record scam on Ghanaians.

Chef Smith announced that he was trying a cooking marathon to set Guinness World Record for longest cooking hours.

He got public attention and sponsorship to attempt the record with the cooking starting on February 21, 2024 and ending on March 6, 2024.

On July 2, 2024 when almost everyone had forgotten about him, he held a press conference at La Palm to announce to the world that Guinness World Records have confirmed him as the record holder of Cook-A-Thon with 805 hours, 25 minutes.

He showed a certificate he claimed was sent to him by Guinness and this gave him away.

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The certificate looked way different from the usual one and this caused a section of the public to doubt him.

Emails were sent to Guinness World Records for answers and they replied that they don’t know any Chef Smith and that the certificate he showed to the public is not original.

After he was caught for scamming the public, he’s out crying and begging for forgiveness.

He says hardship forced him to pull this scam and that he is a man with family to feed yet unemployed.

Chef Smith has begged for forgiveness.

His tears has touched the heart of a Ghanaian restaurant owner in USA who is willing to employ him.

The restaurant owner commented in one of his viral crying post that she has a Ghanaian restaurant in USA and she wishes to hire him.

As of now the only issue is securing USA visa so he could work there.

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