Five Incredible VR Experiences Everyone Must Try

Five Incredible VR Experiences Everyone Must Try


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Everybody desires to be a hero! In today’s world, Virtual Reality has made it possible for regular folks to feel like SuperHeroes. Many tech lovers agree with the fact that Virtual Reality (VR) may ultimately transform relationships between people in the future.

It has a huge social impact comparable to that of the smartphone and the internet.


You don’t need an expensive PC or laptop for such an experience. With a basic cell phone, you can enjoy a fantasy world within your budget.

Yes! That’s it! All you have to do is pick up your phone, choose a VR game from your top choice and start playing.

Fortunately, there are a ton of incredible virtual reality games that can be played on smartphones. To save you some time, we’ve kept an eye out for the ones worth trying.

VR Galaxy Wars

Galaxy Wars is a simple yet unexpectedly enjoyable mobile virtual reality game that lets you kill time while experiencing deadly space fights. You are in charge of a ship’s artillery that is dispatched to protect a mothership from the surf of enemy fighters.

Since you can move in all 360 degrees, it’s ideal to play standing up in a spacious location where you can turn around without running into anything breakable. All you have to do is keep staring at the enemies for the gun to fire.

PokerStars VR

PokerStars is most liked by players when it comes to online casino gaming. It also gives you the option to enter public tournaments or private sittings where you can play with friends.

Although VR casinos are not as famous as VR video games, they are closely following suit to make it to the heights.

There are many different kinds of poker, so you may tailor the experience to your tastes. For a number of years, Betsquare has provided VR gaming enthusiasts with profitable and knowledgeable advice on different gambling sites. Check out Betsquare’s Comprehensive Wild Card City Casino review, which is most likely to integrate VR technology in the future.

Eclipse: Edge of Light

Eclipse is yet another outstanding mobile VR game where you crash land on a living planet. When you get up, you find an incredible alien carrying an artifact that reveals the history of the planet’s impending destruction and the key to survival.

Using your space suit that is equipped with jetpacks, you can explore the historic ruins in this free VR game for Android. Along with discovering the planet’s strange past, you will face difficult challenges. You are occupied every moment for over three hours in tasks.

InMind VR 2 –A Real Brain Hunt

Everyone wants to be a superhero, a time traveler, or an astronaut in space. The InMind 2  provides an extraordinary experience that blends learning and entertainment. Therefore, it is an action/arcade VR game that focuses on education.

It increases your desire to become like someone you find admirable. The game allows you to have a ‘brain experience’ that examines your abilities to make decisions and face challenges. This Android virtual reality game explored the chemistry of human emotion and was inspired by the Disney film “Inside Out.”

Beasts of Legends VR

The next virtual reality game is a sort of modern twist on a roller coaster; you sit down and glance around to experience the ride. It is not just a game but a series of stories where a new legendary creature pops with each episode for you to familiarize with!

Each episode takes you on a different journey through fascinating towns and locations where you must battle with enemies.

While the duration of each episode varies, most last between seven and ten minutes.

So put on your headset, grab a seat and begin your journey across a futuristic landscape to war against legendary beasts by destroying everything in their path.

Wrap up

That’s a wrap. Virtual Reality has made incredible additions to the gaming industry, and the future holds many more surprises for you to unveil. If you haven’t tried playing VR games yet, we highly recommend you give them a try!

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