Filling the O2 Arena doesn’t scare me – Stonebwoy states

Filling the O2 Arena doesn’t scare me – Stonebwoy states

Well-known Ghanaian dancehall performer Stonebwoy, real name Livingstone Etse Satekla, has revealed that he is not at all afraid of the prospect of packing the 22,000-seat O2 Arena in London.

The multi-award-winning musician, who is best known for songs like “Nominate” and “Activate,” recently shared his opinions in an interview with Capecoast-based Property FM. He stressed that selling out the legendary stadium is totally doable with the correct announcement and marketing plan.

The well-known crooner thinks that his music speaks to people all across the world and that he can fill the 20,000-person O2 Arena because he has mounted stages and played larger arenas overseas.

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“The O2 Arena is a venue I’ve been to before, so it’s not scary to fill, but all you have to do is announce and promote it for people to come out in large numbers, and that’s exactly what will happen,” he remarked.

“In the previous two weeks, my brother Davido asked me to play at his Madison Square Garden event, which has a capacity of about 20,000. I also did a show at an Austin reggae festival, which has a capacity of about 20,000 as well. Thus, in terms of capacity, we’ve done a lot of performances at these kinds of locations. I’ve even done shows at the World Cup in Qatar, which has a 40k capacity, as well as Summer Jam, which has a tens of thousands of attendees,” he remarked.


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