Fake Policeman Nabbed after Arresting Civilian

Fake policeman nabbed after arresting civilian

Hassan Avorgah, a 24-year-old Ghanaian man, was caught after impersonating a police officer and detaining a civilian.

Avorgah was taken into custody by the Nima District Police Command on Sunday, March 17, on suspicion of impersonating a public official, deceiving them, and possessing police gear without the proper authorization.

Under the pretense of being a police officer, Avorgah reportedly apprehended someone while wearing a police outfit and took them to the Holy Garden Police Station.


He was placed under arrest for failing to provide accurate information about his alleged role as a law enforcement official, which raised doubts about that role.

Avorgah had multiple police accoutrements on him when he was taken into custody, including two cell phones, a pouch, a taser, and handcuffs. He was also dressed in police camouflage.

Subsequent inquiries prompted the police to examine his Berlin Bridge, Nima home, where they discovered some evidence that implicated him.

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The suspect’s Nima home was the scene of the discovery of security belts, black police uniforms, a black round helmet, a blue-black cardigan, and a picture frame.

He is being held by the police and helping with investigations so they may be processed for court.

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