Fake or Reality: Manhood disappearance scare in Kasoa

Fake or Reality: Manhood Disappearance Scare in Kasoa

There have been reports of disappearing manhoods (penis) in Kasoa for the past few weeks, which has caused great anxiety in Ghana.

Many Ghanaians questioned the news’ veracity once it was made public; some think it’s not true, while others accept it. In the Kasoa community, the news of the missing penis caused a great deal of anxiety and concern.

A recent video posted on Kofi TV claims that the plethora of Missing Penis video news reports are all untrue and that there was never anything like that. Kofi TV provided an explanation, stating that the person in Kasoa uses such news to con people, referring to it as a game.

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The report states that when the victims of the missing penis were examined by the police and medical personnel, their penises were visible.

See the entire video below to learn more:


In other news:

Serwaa Amihere has once again been the target of troll arrows fired by Albert Nat Hyde, also known as Bongo Ideas.

The socialite and blogger openly accused Serwaa Amihere of having affairs with married politicians during an appearance on ONUA TV earlier this morning.

According to Bongo Ideas, he has images and recordings of Serwaa Amihere with her politician sugar daddies in hotels. Click here for more.


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