Eye for an Eye: Pastor fight dirty in public over offertory- Video

Eye for an Eye: Pastor fight dirty in public over offertory- Video

The moment two men of God chose to trade blows is captured in a viral video that, as of the time this article was published, has received over 200k views on Twitter alone.

According to comments made on the video, there was a misunderstanding about how much of the offertory each preacher had gotten, and as a result, the two preachers unexpectedly attacked each other like ravenous animals.According church reports, the assistant pastor was employed by a major street pastor who desired to retain approximately 80% of the offertory for himself.

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The main pastor refused to give in to the associate pastor’s demand for at least 40% of the total amount, feeling deceived.

This sparked a furious dispute that ultimately resulted in a brutal blow-out.

The assistant pastor is shown on the video with bloodstains on his clothing and gushing from the lips.

According to reports, the event took place inside Makola Market.

Watch the video below:


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