Dr Likee Is Smart But A Kumawood Actor Wants To K!ll Him – Oteele

Dr Likee Is Smart But A Kumawood Actor Wants To K!ll Him - Oteele

Oteele has heaped praises on Dr Likee for his talent and assistance he’s been providing to people.

Actor Oteele has eulogized his colleague Dr Likee for what he’s done for the kuwawood industry.


In an interview with Poleeno after long absence from the media space, all he had to say were praises to the current king of comic skits in Ghana, Dr Likee.

According to Oteele, Dr Likee has rained for long time since ascending the throne because of his smartness.


He says he often goes away from the known actors and bring other celebrities to star in his skits so they are always new to the viewers.

Indeed, socialite like Efia Odo featured in many Dr Likee skits and he ones did many skits with celebrated musician Samini too.

He then called for all active players in the industry to rally behind Dr Likee and allow him to cash out big to even build a mansion before he goes down.

According to Oteele, he knows an actor is envious of his success thinking he only join the comic skit thing recently.

Oteele says this actor wants to k!ll Dr Likee.

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