Breaking : Police arrest nine people for claiming the genitals disappeared

Police arrest nine people for claiming the genitals disappeared

In response to local rumors that some people’s genitalia are missing or have vanished, the Ghana Police Service has taken action.

In Ghana, there have been reports in recent weeks of persons saying that after being touched by someone, their genitalia vanished.

A few days after the initial case was reported in Kasoa, similar cases were reported in other sections of the capital.
Despite the assertions, some questioned the narrative, saying it was a hoax intended to cause panic and terror across the nation.

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According to a statement issued by the Ghana Police, nine (9) of the individuals who made the claims were taken into custody.


The statement states that the nine people who have reported missing genitalia are false, that they have been apprehended, and that they will appear in court shortly to be charged.

Read the statement below


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