Boyfriends Of My Wife Beat Me When I Catch Them Cheating – Man Cries Over Abusive Marriage

Boyfriends Of My Wife Beat Me When I Catch Them Cheating - Man Cries Over Abusive Marriage

A man had opened up on how he endured abusive marriage in the hands of the mother of his children.

Antony Ng’ang has narrated what he went through in the hands of his former wife all in the name of marriage.

Having met the woman in 2016, they quickly got married and produced children.

The wife was a housewife taking care of the children while he works to feed the entire family.

Speaking on Kenya based Citizen TV, he said it all started when he called a call from a neighbor that a man has visited his wife in his room.

“I would leave for work at 5 a.m. and come back around midnight. One day a neighbor called me and informed me there was a man in our house and he left immediately after I got into the house. This was after the neighbors told me they spotted my wife with other men,” he recalled.

According to him, the wife became a notorious cheat that she stopped hiding it and did it publicly.

The man says when he sees the wife with her boyfriends and he reacts, he gets beaten.

“She started drinking and I would meet her holding hands with other men on the road and every time I asked, they would attack and beat me up,” he said.

He decided to sleep with his children and leave the wife to sleep alone and this infuriated the wife to quit the marriage.

Despite begging the wife to stay because of their 3 month old baby, she left all two children with him.

The man revealed that taking care of two children all by himself has caused him dearly.

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