BDSwiss Opens Educational Centre in Ghana and Appoints Da-costa Assumang as Market Analyst!

BDSwiss, a renowned global online broker offering more than 250 underlying CFD instruments, has recently launched its first educational centre in Ghana in partnership with its local entity Zark Institute.

This impressive milestone is again a testament to BDSwiss’ commitment to providing firstrate market education empowering traders in Africa and beyond.

As part of this initiative, BDSwiss has also appointed another Market Analyst, Da-costa Assumang, a respected and seasoned expert in the field.

The BDSwiss educational centre in Ghana is anticipated to have a major impact on the region as it will provide enhanced knowledge of the global forex market and valuable skills such as risk management that are pivotal in navigating today’s trading landscape. Empowering traders through education, BDSwiss’ educational centre plays a crucial role in shaping tomorrow’s traders.



Through a comprehensive curriculum, interactive training sessions, and access to cutting-edge trading tools, the centre equips traders with the skills needed to excel in the dynamic, yet complex world of forex trading.
BDSwiss aims to foster a new generation of skilled traders who can confidently participate
in the global forex market.

This initiative is an invaluable opportunity for every local aspiring trader who wishes to acquire the basic skills or sharpen their trading acumen through expert training and a range of educational resources. Participants benefit from structured training programs and workshops, delivered by professionals who carry years of experience in the field, like Da-costa Assumang.

Assumang’s expertise and insights into market trends, technical analysis, and risk management strategies contribute to a comprehensive learning experience. Emphasizing the significance of effective risk management and prompting traders to explore and cultivate risk management skills is a fundamental part of his analyses and one of the main objectives of the educational centre. Traders need to learn how to manage risks to mitigate potential losses and effectively protect their capital.

Furthermore, through educational programmes and seminars, they gain insights into factors influencing currency fluctuations and global economic trends. This knowledge enables them to make informed trading decisions and seize profitable opportunities, irrespective of their geographical location.

Commenting on this strategic move, the founder of Zark Institute and the Country Manager for BDSwiss, Richard Jones Gyasi stated:

“We are delighted to welcome Da-costa Asumang as the Market Analyst for Ghana. His appointment represents our commitment to providing exceptional market analysis and client support. With his wealth of experience and expertise, we are confident that Asumang will bring invaluable insights and guidance to our clients, enabling them to make informed trading decisions and achieve optimum results”

BDSwiss’ educational centre in Ghana is a significant step toward reaffirming the company’s unwavering commitment to enhancing forex market expertise and transforming the lives of traders in Africa. Through trading quality education and the appointment of Dacosta Assumang as Markets Analyst, this initiative serves as a catalyst for trading empowerment, enabling individuals to join the forex market arena.

For more enquiries visit or call the educational center direct on +233 50 895 3803

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