Ankle monitor removed – Here’s the latest about Hajia4Real

Ankle monitor removed – Here’s the latest about Hajia4Real

The well-known Ghanaian socialite and musician Hajia4Real got her ankle monitor taken off as a result of a recent court ruling.

Her continued legal battle has been given a reprieve as her sentencing date, which was originally scheduled for this week, has been postponed for two weeks.

This happened as a result of her attorney Eleana Fast of “The Fast Law Firm” pleading with the court to have the ankle monitor taken out temporarily so that an MRI could be performed.

Fast kindly asked in a letter to the court that Ms. Mona Montrage’s pre-trial restrictions be changed because of pain in her left ankle, per her doctor’s recommendation.

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“In the aforementioned case, I am Ms. Mona Montrage’s attorney of record. I’m writing to kindly ask that Ms. Montrage’s pre-trial parameters be changed to permit the temporary removal of her ankle monitor in order to enable an MRI.

The letter said, “Ms. Montrage’s doctor has advised the scan because she has been having pain in her left ankle.”

“Ms. Montrage is slated for the MRI at 574 Springfield Avenue, Westfield, New Jersey 07090 on Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 8 am, if approved by the court. The statement continued, “I have also supplied corroborating medical paperwork.

The same day, Hajia4Reall’s ankle monitor was taken off after her legal team’s request was approved.

In a similar development, Hajia4Reall’s legal team filed a second letter to the court, co-signed by Eleana Fast, Esq., asking for a two-week adjournment just five days prior to her planned sentencing.

The letter explained that more time was required to collect supporting documentation for the defense’s sentence submission, such as unfinished letters of recommendation and a letter from Ms. Montrage’s immigration lawyer on the possible repercussions of her conviction on her immigration status.

In the case mentioned above, Eleana Fast, Esq. and I on behalf of Mona Montrage humbly ask that the scheduled sentencing date be postponed for a period of two weeks. Even with our best efforts, certain materials remain unfinished that are required for the defense’s sentencing submission.

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In particular, there are still a number of unanswered letters of support. In addition, a letter from Ms. Montrage’s immigration counsel concerning any possible repercussions her conviction may have on her immigration status is something we are now awaiting.

Steiner and the US Attorney have stated that they have no objections. The letter stated, “If the court so desires, the parties may be sentenced on June 19 or June 24-28.

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