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Agbeshie, “Wrowroho” Hit maker Arrested ?

Agbeshie “Wrowroho” Hit maker Arrested ?, Agbeshie, “Wrowroho” Hit maker Arrested ?, GHSPLASH.COM

Credible information available to has it that, Ewe Gang boss and ”Wrowroho” hitmaker Agbeshie has been allegedly Arrested over a crime which is yet to be known.

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Agbeshie was arrested for over what individuals accept ought to be about disrespectful words utilized in his hit single Wrowroho tune which many accept is cutting excessively profound into the ethical fiber of the Ghanaian culture since its discharge a couple of months back.

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The song has started one of the craziest challenges we have seen via social media as of late. We have seen various recordings in which a few fans sticking to the melody are doing precisely what part of the verses propose – to render yourself bare.

Most Ghanaians have a popular misconception about the song. In most videos, it is observed that some Ghanaians take off their dress when they hear the song.

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Recently, there was a viral video of some teenagers who were filmed jamming to the song while naked.

Some of our celebrities almost go naked when they are dancing to the song. is following the issue, we’ll keep you posted.


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Agbeshie “Wrowroho” Hit maker Arrested ?, Agbeshie, “Wrowroho” Hit maker Arrested ?, GHSPLASH.COM

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Agbeshie “Wrowroho” Hit maker Arrested ?, Agbeshie, “Wrowroho” Hit maker Arrested ?, GHSPLASH.COM

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