8 Best Indian Grocery Delivery in New York We Evaluated for 2023  

8 Best Indian Grocery Delivery in New York We Evaluated for 2023

Looking for garam masala in New York? These places help you cook Indian curries conveniently. 

New York City boasts a diverse population and Indian immigrants have settled in various neighbourhoods, creating mini hubs for Indian culture and commerce. Areas like Jackson Heights in Queens, Curry Hill in Manhattan, and Little India in Hicksville, Long Island, have become focal points for Indian grocery stores, restaurants, and cultural events.

I’ve been in the Big Apple for the past 5 years, witnessing it all – the growing demands of Indian grocery delivery, rise of online food delivery companies, and ethnic local stores in an endeavour to make authentic and fresh Indian groceries accessible to people nationwide, and the influence of Indian diaspora on the American palette. 

From traditional Indian spices to pantry staples, frozen food, Indian meal kits, and more, I’ve scouted 8 best Indian grocery delivery NYC stores that deliver fresh ingredients so you can cook rich, spicy Indian flavors every day. 



Delivering rich Indian flavors right to your plate, Quicklly is a one-stop shop for desi food lovers, food chefs, home cooks, and alike to get a diverse range of Indian groceries right to your doors. 


  • The brand has more than 2,50,000 best-selling Indian grocery items like flour, spices, cooking oil, Indian meal kits, pantry essentials, breakfast mixes, and more.  
  • Products at Quicklly are procured from trusted Indian brands like Nestle, Parle, Haldirams, Gits, Britannia, Marie, Ganesh, Aashirvaad, and more. 
  • You can get $20 off on $50 on Quicklly’s mobile app. Visit their offer section to generate your coupon.  
  • Apart from their ongoing offers, you can save more with Quicklly’s Platinum Pass subscription – flat 5% off, free delivery, fast-track delivery, $100 worth of gift vouchers, and more.  



  • Products catering to specific dietary requirements, like vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and more, are in the process of being added to their offerings.  
  • Quicklly is expanding exponentially. However, it may not be able to cater to remote locations with its free delivery service.  



Minar Halal Meat & Grocery 

Minar Halal Meat and Grocery stands as one of the go-to establishments in New York for its diverse assortment of top-quality Halal-certified meat. Plus, an extensive collection of authentic Indian and Middle Eastern grocery products.

Meat Selection: Minar Halal Meat and Grocery offers a selection of Halal-certified meats. From tender cuts of lamb, beef, and chicken to specialty items such as goat and exotic meats, they cater to the multifaceted culinary preferences of the Indian community.

Grocery Section: Within the grocery section at Minar’s online store, you can shop rich flavors of Indian cuisine – aromatic spices, herbs, spice blends, staple items like rice, lentils, and pulses or seek elusive ingredients and best-selling snacks.



  • Minar Halal Meat and Grocery offers a diverse range of Halal-certified meats – one of the most sought-after products in New York.  
  • The brand has partnered with Quicklly to reach a wider audience, helping them with their culinary needs. You can shop for their products on Quicklly’s mobile app or website.   



  • Depending on your location within New York City, accessing Minar Halal Meat and Grocery may be challenging for some customers. 
  • While Minar Halal Meat and Grocery offer high-quality products, some customers may find their prices slightly high. 


Bangladesh Halal Meat and Grocery

Bangladesh Halal Meat and Grocery is dedicated to serving the Indian community and those who prioritize Halal products. This store is your go-to destination when seeking the best quality Halal meat or a wide selection of Bangladeshi and South Asian grocery items.

Halal Meat Selection: Bangladesh Halal Meat and Grocery has a comprehensive selection of Halal-certified meat, including beef, lamb, chicken, and specialty cuts like goat. These meats are carefully sourced from reputable suppliers and are prepared in strict accordance with Islamic dietary guidelines.

Bangladeshi Grocery Offerings: The grocery section within Bangladesh Halal Meat and Grocery includes an eclectic assortment of Bangladeshi and Indian spices, herbs, condiments, pantry staples, tea blends, and more – all of which serve as the cornerstone of traditional Indian cooking.



  • Bangladesh Halal Meat and Grocery offer a wide variety of Halal-certified meats, ensuring that you have access to premium, fresh cuts in Halal meat Manhattan. 
  • The store delivers its best-selling premium Indian & Bangladeshi products right to your doors at zero shipping cost. 



  • The store’s physical location may not be easily reachable for those residing far from its neighborhood. 
  • Their physical store is comparatively small, with a limited variety of fish. Plus, you may find the place crowded on weekends. 


Kesar Grocery


Kesar Grocery is your must-visit destination for Indian groceries in the United States. With a wide selection of products ranging from spices and lentils to snacks and specialty items, the place aims to meet the diverse needs of its customers, ensuring they can create authentic and delicious Indian dishes in the comfort of their homes. 


  • To assure you the taste of familiar Indian flavors, Kesar Grocery offers products from trusted Indian brands like MDH, Gits, Quik Tea, 12 Grain, Dosa Hut, Daily Chef and more. 
  • They have a dedicated sale section with essential products like coconut powder, an assortment of Indian spices, and cooking essentials at exceptional rates.  



  • You may find that the prices at Kesar Grocery are relatively higher compared to mainstream grocery stores.  
  • Kesar Grocery primarily operates online, so customers who prefer in-store shopping cannot take advantage of their products and services. 


Desi Basket 

Desi Basket is a prominent online grocery delivery service offering an extensive product range that includes a variety of Indian spices, lentils, snacks, beverages, and essential household items.

Desi Basket stands out as an excellent choice for fulfilling Indian grocery needs due to its commitment to offering competitive prices, frequent promotional offers, and a user-friendly shopping experience.



  • Desi Basket provides a wide array of products, including spices, lentils, snacks, beverages, and essential household supplies. 
  • You can enjoy free delivery on orders above a specified minimum order value, adding to the cost-efficiency of shopping with Desi Basket. 



  • While Desi Basket offers quality products and convenience, their prices may be slightly higher compared to some other online retailers. 
  • Desi Basket extends its delivery services beyond the local area, making it accessible to customers across the nation but at higher delivery charges.  


Shresta Indian Grocery

Shresta Indian Grocery serves as a trusted source for a diverse range of authentic Indian grocery products. Their extensive inventory includes an array of spices, lentils, snacks, beverages, and essential pantry items, catering to the culinary needs of Indian cuisine enthusiasts.



  • Free delivery on orders above $49 at prime locations in NYC. This broadens the access to Indian cooking essentials for those seeking the products. 
  • Shresta Indian Grocery offers best-selling seasonal products like Mangoes, Litchis, and year-round fresh produce. 



  • The quality and authenticity of the items are top-notch, but they might not align with people with budget constraints due to some overpriced items. 
  • The sale section at Shresta Indian Grocery only offers limited products that aren’t typically used for everyday cooking. 


Food Bazar

Food Bazar is an Indian online grocery store in New York that provides access to an extensive selection of authentic and diverse Indian grocery products. Their inventory includes a wide range of items such as dairy products, flours, spices, fresh fruits, ready-to-eat meals, pantry essentials, and a variety of traditional and specialty food items.

Food Bazar places a strong emphasis on ensuring the quality and freshness of its products, ensuring that customers receive the finest ingredients for their Indian culinary endeavors.



  • Food Bazar offers a comprehensive range of products, encompassing fresh food, dairy items, spices, flours, prepared meals, and much more, making it a go-to destination for all Indian grocery needs. 
  • Food Bazar maintains a moderate pricing range, making it an affordable choice for customers seeking quality Indian products without breaking the bank. 



  • The minimum order value is $50, and high shipping charges may be a point of contention for some.   
  • Food Bazar only serves the New York area and does not offer nationwide delivery. 


Namaste Groceries

Namaste Groceries is an online Indian grocery delivery service that provides a vast selection of Indian food products to customers in New York. With a commitment to meeting all your Indian shopping needs, Namaste Groceries offers a wide range of items, including spices, sauces, snacks, beverages, and more.



  • You can enjoy a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience through their user-friendly website and attentive customer support. 
  • Namaste Groceries boasts an extensive inventory that includes fresh food, dairy products, spices, flour, prepared meals, and a variety of other items to meet all your Indian grocery needs. 



  • Namaste Groceries have slightly higher prices for Indian products compared to some other online grocery delivery companies. 
  • While they offer free delivery for orders over $50, this minimum order requirement could be challenging for smaller households or individuals. 


The fusion of Indian flavors with other cuisines has gained popularity in New York. As a result, these Indian grocery stores have started stocking items that cater to the growing trend. You can find ingredients like garam masala, spice blends, tea, Chai Kit, Indian meal kit, and more, allowing you to cook Indian curries at your convenience.


Happy Shopping!



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