Ghana is hard, every Ghanaians deserve award for making it through every year – USA Borga

A Ghanaian based in the western world has praised the average Ghanaian for managing all the hardship that comes with living in Ghana.

The lady in a video compared the system in the western world to that of Ghana for everyone to know how hard to is it to live in Ghana.

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She said in the West, when your electric unit gets finished and you don’t have money to buy new one, you can call the service provider for an emergency power but in Ghana when it’s finish and you don’t have money, you sleep in darkness.

She also talked about how the Electricity provider can give you a convenient payment plan when you are broke.

The woman revealed that over there when you are unemployed the government pays you a monthly allowance but in Ghana those who are employed are are on meager salary of 300 cedis.



She talked about health care and how you will be left to die in Ghana if you don’t have money when you’re sick.


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