6 Ways to Activate the Taurus New Moon in Time for Spring Awakening

6 Ways to Activate the Taurus New Moon in Time for Spring Awakening


The new moon in Taurus, which is also a strong supermoon, will fall on May 6, 2016, and it will cast an emerald green spell over our lives. This new moon pulls us inside nature’s outdoor temple just as the springtime buds have burst into leaves. Taurus, the first of the earth signs, is all about making the ground fertile for planting our plants, both physically and figuratively. Our attention shifts to our foundations under the influence of the Taurus horoscope sign. Do we stand firmly on the ground? And once we are there, do we feel safe? (For extra assistance with grounding, try our guided meditation for the Taurus season.)
The sparkles of a new moon start a fire. Six months from now, a comparable full moon heralds the start of the fire’s full conflagration. Mark November 14 on your calendar for the Taurus full moon of 2016, since this is the day for bringing our intentions and desires into reality.
The following advice from My Today’s Horoscope Website will help you make the most of the Taurus new moon. (For a deeper activation, try these rituals for the new and full moon.)

1. Change one behavior.

Taurus is a creature of regularity, which may make us tenacious and show us where we’re becoming trapped in a rut. Making “micro-resolutions” as opposed to grandiose promises that fizzle out quickly, claims the book Small Move, Big Change, can truly result in long-lasting changes. Instead of making a grand resolve like getting in shape for the summer, set small goals like putting your sneakers in your luggage or going for a short walk. Making this small effort results in a seismic shift that, over time, has a snowball effect.

2. Grow a plant that produces food.

While browsing Whole Foods’ sparkling vegetable displays is fun, most of us have no idea how those delicious and edible gems were actually harvested. While it’s fantastic to purchase organic products, not everyone of us may be comfortable planting heirloom seeds in pesticide-free soil, watering the crop, and caring for it until it is fully ripe. The earthy Taurus new moon encourages us to “get our farmer on” in some little way as a respectable gesture to the world’s food producers. Some of us may have access to acres of sun-drenched land, but others may just have a little windowsill and a grow light. Plant whatever you can, whether it’s a huge bed of Swiss chard or a rosemary planter. We adore Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein’s The Dirt Cure for inspiration on how to connect with the source of your food.

3.Visit a local farmer’s market.

Then there are the advantages to health. More than just being trendy and fresh, the farm-to-table movement is becoming more and more popular. Food that is taken straight from the vine is teeming with living enzymes that aid in digestion and metabolism. Adding a freshly cut tomato to a salad in the summer? Yum. If you lack a green thumb, create a weekly habit of shopping at your local farmers’ market or join a CSA to receive weekly deliveries of fresh seasonal produce from a nearby farm.

4. Take a breath.

This new moon assists us in finding our voices because Taurus rules the throat. It’s time to start causing some noise, and not just any noise. Chanting, which involves conscious breathing exercises while repeating a phrase or mantra, is calming and energizing and has been demonstrated to improve immunity and lessen anxiety and depressive symptoms. Chanting is a common feature in yoga and meditation classes. Grab your mat, assume the lotus position, and say “om namah shivay as” to clear the way. Additionally, humming can produce a calming and meditative vibration that energizes the body. You might even look into sound healing and “toning” practises, as certain tones are thought to promote healing and good intentions.

5. Perform a ballad.

If that’s a little too “woo woo” for you, here’s a lowbrow cure: find the closest karaoke joint or take a quiet drive in your vehicle and start singing. You’re working out your lungs and opening up your throat chakra as you take a deep breath and prepare to unleash your favorite power-part from Beyonce’s “Lemonade,” which has many of the same effects as chanting. You might be able to if you put in enough effort.A healthy throat chakra also enables us to convey our truths with clarity and to live freely and creatively. Who wouldn’t like a portion of that? And if you’re still unsure that you can sing well, try again. Through an online course called Inspired to Sing, which was developed by one of our incredible clients, you can learn simple methods for breathing and moving music through your body. The throat chakra is related to the color blue. Try sodalite, kyanite, moonstone, aquamarine, turquoise, or sapphire if you want to use crystals and gemstones to activate or heal yours.

6. Raise your voice in support of a cause.

Your words have the potential to change the world, whether they are said in protest or as a call to action. The out-of-control flames blazing in Alberta are just one of many instances that could benefit from some strong, calming support in the form of a Taurus. Put your money where your morals are by making a donation to a worthy cause, as Taurus also oversees your finances and your personal beliefs. The Taurus new moon serves as a reminder to never undervalue your own power. Anthropologist Margaret Mead once observed, “Never doubt that a small group of caring, committed citizens can alter the world.” In fact, nothing else has ever done it.

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