1st born cries over family pressure, how they drain her financially and call her ungrateful when she complains

A first born of an Asian family  has shared her ordeal on how her family back home stress and drain her financially.

Currently doing her PhD in Neuroscience, she’s dealing with both emotional and financial stress from from her family back in Asia.

She recently did a TikTok video where she cried about the baggages that comes with being the first born from an Asian family.

The family stresses her and drains her financially but she has no right to complain because when he does complain, they call her ungrateful.

She pays for her sister’s school fees, food and accommodation in a College in USA but still her family is always on her.

The sister took her credit card and spent $500 on clothes and when she complained to their mother, she called her selfish.




When this story hit Twitter, many first child going through similar ordeal had sympathy for her.




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