10 myths and legends about online slot machines

10 myths and legends about online slot machines

It is no coincidence that online slot machines are the largest group of games in an online casino. They are particularly popular with customers, and there are, of course, very specific reasons for this. Online slots, such as those found at Richardcasino, offer particularly varied entertainment. Nowhere else is the variety of themes and bonuses so great.

However, there are also numerous legends about online slots, which are often told by one player or another. Today, we are going to dispel ten of the biggest myths, including this legend!


Myth 1: Whether you play with or without a bonus affects your chances of winning

Let’s start with the legend used as an example at the beginning. There is a persistent rumour among many players that a bonus has a detrimental effect on the chances of winning. So if you place your bets with bonus credit or use free spins, you have already lost from the outset and have zero chance of landing a win. We can assure you that there is absolutely nothing to this fable, because a slot cannot recognise how the bets are placed.

Myth 2: There are hot slot machines where you can quickly land a win

We’ve all seen them, the banners displayed in casinos: Player X has just won XX dollars on slot Y. It’s only logical that particularly popular slots are played by several players at the same time. This naturally increases the chances that this slot will pay out several consecutive winnings. However, this does not mean at all that the machine is hot and a win is waiting to be collected.

Myth 3: After a slot machine has paid out a big win, it automatically goes cold

However, the opposite is claimed at least as often. The erroneous belief here is that a game automatically goes cold after a player has achieved a big win. However, the truth is completely different, as the chances of winning are not influenced in the slightest by previous game results. In other words, whether hot or cold, both sound nice, but they don’t exist! Rather, every single spin is a “new”, “unique” or “single” spin.

Myth 4: Online slot machines with only three reels have particularly poor winning prospects

It is undisputed that there are different games of chance and that, in addition to their own rules, they sometimes also have their own visual appearance. This is particularly true of online slots, as they are available with many different reel sets. In this respect, some players are of the opinion that a lot helps a lot. Conversely, this means that slots with only three reels would also have the worst chances of winning. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, some of the three-reel slots even have the best RTP values of all.

Myth 5: Progressive jackpots can only be won by high rollers

Slots with a progressive jackpot have always fascinated players. They even regularly turn some of them into millionaires! However, the rumour still floats around that only high rollers can hit the progressive jackpot. There is absolutely nothing to this legend either. On the contrary, one of the biggest progressive jackpots ever hit was won by a player who only wanted to play a few rounds with a relatively small stake.

Myth 6: Only when a player has lost a certain amount playing an online slot can they expect to win big

Another of the most frequently cited legends is that you can only win a prize on an online slot if you have first wagered and lost a certain amount. As far as this myth is concerned, we can assure you that it is nothing more than a fairy tale. For the random number generator, it makes no difference at all how much money was bet in the previous rounds and whether it was lost or won.

Myth 7: If bets are placed with bonus credits, an online slot machine will never pay out big winnings

Let’s continue with our myths. Did a customer once tell you that free spins and bonus money are only awarded to attract customers anyway and that no winnings can be made with them? Then the person was really trying to pull the wool over your eyes. You have exactly the same chances of winning with free spins or bonus money as you do when wagering with deposited funds. Anything else is completely out of thin air.

Myth 8: Online slots are all programmed so that the casino always wins in the end anyway

Then there is legend number eight. Since online slot machines are virtual slots, cheating would also be much easier. Therefore, the online casinos or the developers would have programmed the machines in such a way that you would only win for a short time, if at all, and the bank would always be the winner in the end. We can also shake our heads in the negative here, as a gambling supervisory authority always monitors fair play. If an online casino has a gambling licence, then it has been checked for compliance with the random number generators.

Myth 9: With the right strategy, you can outsmart any online slot machine

This myth is also one that is conjured up particularly often. However, the same applies here: a fairy tale does not become the truth if it is repeated often enough. No matter who tells you otherwise, there is no strategy that guarantees you secure winnings. During the spins, the random generator alone decides which symbol combinations are created and whether these lead to a win can only be found out in the subsequent evaluation.

Myth 10: Triggering free spins or playing with the autoplay function reduces the chances of a big win

There are many different games of chance, but only in online slots do you come into contact with an autoplay function and free spins as a bonus function. The autoplay function is certainly practical, but just like all the other myths already mentioned, it has no influence on the chances of winning, the amount or the probability of a win occurring. Of course, the same applies to the free spins won in a bonus round as part of an integrated bonus feature.

Our conclusion: these are the hard facts

As you can see, the topic of slot machine myths is not entirely straightforward. For once, many of the myths are actually true. For example, you can win several million dollars playing slots, which happens more often than you might think. Of course, it is also true that you can only play slot machines from the age of 18.

Other myths, however, are fundamentally false. For example, slot machines are completely legal in the world if they are offered by a licensed casino. Furthermore, you can now also play slots on your mobile phone without any problems and there are now significantly more payment options on offer than just credit cards.

Ultimately, it is therefore important not to simply be unsettled by unverified stories – especially in times of online news. Instead, you should always research an issue thoroughly first and only use reliable sources such as government websites. Then you will never have to worry about false myths again.

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