Woman who dressed her 5-year-old daughter like this wanted (photos)

Myriad of netizens are in search of a woman who dressed up her 5 years old girl to look like an attractive and provocative, and they are not finding it funny at all. They are seriously lashing out at the woman whose identity is still unknown, and they want her to meet a psychologist or a counsellor to put her through because it is obvious she needs help urgently.

Many people are criticizing the woman for dressing her little girl in provocative dresses that can easily make her prone to paedophiles. According to one Facebook user, it is unthinkable that in this era of child molestation going on here and there, a woman who ought to protect her daughter is now exposing her.

According to some people, the woman is reportedly training the girl to be a world-class model but people think she went too far because the child is only 5 years old. She is unknowingly but carelessly exposing her beloved daughter to dangers. Every day, cases of child molestation and abuse flood the internet and media outlets, this is enough for every right-thinking mother to jealously protect their daughters but not this particular woman.

The pictures have been shared a thousand times and people are eagerly searching for the woman to offer her help. According to some users, it is very clear that the woman needs urgent help. The husband may not even be aware of what is happening in. The woman dressed the daughter in bikini, fixed her eyes lashes and posted the pictures on the internet.

What was she thinking, that people will praise her? Was she thinking that people will appreciate her 5 years old daughter’s beauty? This is unbelievable.

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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