“Wo Kɔte Ewu” – Naana Brown says Dave Joy’s weak Manh00d made Joyce Blessing cheat

Naana Brown has blamed Dave Joy for his wife Joyce Blessing’s cheating nature.

Naana Brown has blamed Dave Joy for giving his wife Joyce Blessing a good reason to cheat.

Speaking about Joyce Blessing’s broken heart video and Dave Joy’s reaction, she said the husband has a manh00d.

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According to Naana Brown, Dave Joy’s manh00d is very weak that’s why his wife cheated on him with her boyfriend.

“Wo Kɔte Ewu, Woho Nne Wɔ” – Naana Brown said


She explained that as a handsome husband like Dave Joy, if you sit for another man to eat your wife, it’s a shame to you for having weak manh00d.

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