We feel we’ve not received any recognition because of cyberbullying — DopeNation

DopeNation, the Ghanaian musical duo, recently shared that they have been subjected to cyberbullying and industry sabotage throughout their career.

In an interview on TV3 New Day, the duo mentioned that they have faced cyberbullying from non-fans, which has affected them. However, they have chosen to ignore the negative comments and not let it affect their brand.

“There a lot of things that have held us back and we feel like we’ve not received recognition for our work. The thing is that we are talents when the cyberbullying and the whole industry play weighs you down, you don’t have to give in, you have to protect your brand” they said

According to the team, they could speak for themselves and put the records straight but a lot of times Ghanaians consider outspoken folks to be arrogant.

The duo also expressed their frustration over not receiving recognition for their work and highlighted how being outspoken is often mistaken for arrogance in Ghanaian society. Although they could speak up and set the record straight, they feel that being outspoken may not always lead to positive outcomes. The duo acknowledged that they have been bullied in the past, but they have learned to deal with it.

“It’s not that we are not outspoken, the more we get outspoken you don’t do the things the talent wants you to do. We’ve been bullied a number of times everybody knows but then it’s fine,” they pointed out.

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