WATCH: The weird moment heavily pregnant singer starts to give birth while performing on stage (video)

The journey from pregnancy to giving birth to holding a newborn in your arms can come with many surprises. Whether you have difficulty concentrating during pregnancy, your water doesn’t break prior to labor, or you find yourself with a very hungry newborn after their birth, the path to parenthood has many twists and turns.

The pain caused by contractions grows as labor continues. For women who opt for an epidural, contractions may end up being the most painful part of labor. Contractions can cause pain in the abdomen, back and groin. The pain from contractions feels different for every woman. For some, the pain may be similar to menstrual cramps while for others, the pain can be severe.

There has been immeasurable buzz on social media by a heavily pregnant Ugandan Musician  who went into labour suddenly while delivering her stage prowess to a crowd.

The Songstress who was electrifying the auditorium with her sonorous songs, startled everyone when she suddenly stopped in her tracks, dropped the mic, and clutched to her belly and instantly everyone around knew what was about to happen.

It took the efforts of two security officers to carry her off the stage to get and probably sent to the hospital.

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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