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W’agyimi, stupid, I slap people like you- Aplus assaults Halifax on Live TV

Kwame Aplus has verbally assaulted media personality Halifax Ansah Addo on Live TV.

The social commentator abused the entertainment journalist on the United Showbiz.

Halifax only crime was asking him why he didn’t join the FixTheCountry demonstration on August 4th, 2021.

He called Halifax a fool for asking him that question when he himself didn’t join.

Even when the Despite Media journalist said he couldn’t join because he was hosting the Best Entertainment show, Aplus insisted he is a stupid for questioning him because both of them didn’t go.

The founder of TTP stressed that he wants to be a leader and slap people like Halifax for asking stupid questions.



Aplus then started bragging that he is more popular in Ghana and no one knows Halifax.

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