Vivian Jill reveals why she didn’t allow Sunsum to kiss her and why she’ll kiss him now (video)

As about couple of years back, reported that Kumawood actor Sumsum has said that actresses do not kiss him in movies and he doesn’t know why they always deny his kisses even when directed by producers.

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Speaking in an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra Fm, Sumsum said his ugly face scares most actresses from kissing him in movies, but it’s that same big eyes that have brought him into the limelight as an actor.

The only actress I have kissed wasn’t a star but I later had an opportunity to kiss Vivian Jill in a movie, which she needed a child and I had to sleep with her for her to conceive but she later turned me down and dodged me when I tried kissing her. I did not ask her why she dodged me because I didn’t believe in myself either. Perhaps they think since I have big eyes, I might knock them with it which scares them away”. He said.

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He later expressed his disappointment in discrimination from actresses when it comes to kissing in movies. Sunsum who used to hide from people because of his big eyes revealed that most female especially those based in Accra fail to kiss him and few of his colleagues in the Kumawood movie industry but accept kisses from majid and Co.

Well, Vivian Jill Lawrence has after two years, finally responded to Sunsum claims and rants.

Speaking to same host Nana Romeo on same radio station on Accra Fm, Vivian stretched that she had turned Sunsum down because she was new in the game and was not experienced enough to put the work first and do as the script required.

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She added that if it were today, she would have locked lips without giving it a second thought because it was what the job required.

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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