Video: Shatta Michy Now Sells Fried Yam & Gizzard “Chopius” to Survive After Being Dumped by Shatta Wale

Shatta Michy has reportedly fallen back on selling fried yam and Gizard to survive she broke up with her long time boyfriend Shatta Wale.

The former top diva of the entire SM Movement who wanted for nothing whilst with Shatta Wale seems to have fallen on hard times.

Michy did not really have her own profession whilst tied to Wale, who served as her ‘sugar daddy’. She dabbled in showbiz herself and the pub Wale opened for her unceremoniously collapsed.

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Apparently without Wale to shower her with cash these days Michy is seriously going into business for herself.

A new fast trending video of Adom TV anchor Sandra Ohemeng aka Sister Sandy claiming that Michy now sells fried yam known as ‘Chopious’ hit social media.

According to her, ‘Chopious’ is quite yummy and everyone should patronize it.

Watch video of Ohemeng talking about Michy’s new business venture below…

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