Video: Real truth about Mmebusem’s marriage and divorce out; fake mom in-law begs for forgiveness

The real truth behind Mmebusem’s marriage to Abena Boatemaa is finally out.

A couple of weeks ago, Justice Hymns alias Mmebusem revealed that his marriage to the Down syndrome lady was a publicly stunt to get the society to accept all people with that defect.

Following Mmebusem’s revelation, the woman who acted as the mother of the lady during the marriage came out to blast the actor for divorcing the lady. The woman called him a liar and swore the marriage was real.

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She then ordered Mmebusem to return the house, car and money she gave him as ‘thank you’ for marrying Abena Boatemaa.

The actor and his team responded to the woman with a court threat for trying to ruin his image.

Finally the whole truth has been unravel. Kofi Adomah of Kofi Tv has traveled Nkawkaw to interview Abena Boatemaa.


Apparently the whole marriage and child birth involving Mmebusem and Abena Boatemaa was a movie staged to promote love for people living with Down syndrome.

The women who came out to blast Mmebusem isn’t the real mother of the lady. She was only contracted to play the role of a mother in a movie.

According to the real mother, Mmebusem and a movie director came to her to request for her daughter for a movie role.

Following the revelation of the whole truth, the fake mother has issued an apology to Mmebusem coming out to tarnish his image.

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