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Video of heavily drunk Bongo Ideas grinding girl at Funeral surfaces online

Video of Bongo Ideas grinding a lady at a funeral has surfaced online

A video of controversial cyber bully Bongo Ideas grinding a lady at a funeral has been released online.

In the video he was heavily drunk whiles ‘grinding’ a young lady at the funeral

This video was released by Twitter Kwesi Picasso after Bongo Ideas took his cyber bullying to Tracy Sarkcess, the wife of Sarkodie.




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Having body shamed Tracy SarkCess unprovoked, he was given a taste of his own medicine.

Journalist Albert alias Bongo Ideas gained social media fame from bullying celebrities and random girls on Twitter.

His cyber bullying knows how boundaries as he even fat shamed the newly wedded wife of journalist Citi Fm journalist Nathan Quao on their wedding day under the groom’s post when others were sending congratulatory messages to the couples.

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