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Video of Asantehene Kneeling Before A Whiteman In Church Attracts Mixed Reactions

Asantehene, Nana Otumfuo Osei Tutu Ababio has been in the news all day for the later part of this month.

Firstly, it was his video exposing government officials and traditional rulers for their involvement in Galamsey.

Then came Twene Jonas’ attacks aimed at him and all traditional rulers and it related curses.

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The latest story about the Asantehene has to do with a video of him in an Anglican Church in England.

The video sees him kneeling in front of a white priest who poured oil on his head and used his palm to rob the surface of the head.

Apparently he went through this ritual whiles taking the communion.

The video has attracted mixed reactions from people who view his actions as an insult to tradition and others who see nothing wrong with it from the Christian point of view.

Below are some of the comments the video attracted on Twitter;


He’s an anglican and he’s performing his obligations as an anglican.
Just like how the president pays respect to Otumfuor when he goes to AR.
what’s wrong is the comments in the video

Totally agree,the new wave of kings have their own religion before becoming kings and there’s nothing that’s stop them from being that faith and still being king,if those two were to be conflicted am sure he would’ve dropped one before becoming king

The white man truly won.

He’s serving the god of Isreal and you think they can use antoa to curse somebody?

Antoa seff no go mind am!!

This can’t be! Is this Opemsuo? Is this the King of the Asante Kingdom? Wow!

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