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Video: Kwaku Bonsam used a ring to charm and impregnate me – Angry Baby mama cries out

Efua Julie, the famous baby mama of Kweku Bonsam has made a damning allegation against the fetish priest.

The beautiful lady who has a son with Kweku Bonsam has alleged that the man used charm on her to win her love and affection.

Speaking to Kamal Mohammed, Efua Julie alleged that Kweku Bonsam, a mere friend she just met during the 2015 Christmas did put a ring on a finger.

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Kweku Bonsam told her the ring is to give her protection from evil spirit so she wouldn’t be a victim of road accident in the Christmas season.

She added that just 3 days after wearing the ring, she had to cancel her impending wedding plans only to move to Kweku Bonsam’s house.

Efua Julie, Kwaku Bonsam’s Baby Mama

She fell in love with the fetish priest who already had numerous baby mamas and even got pregnant for him.

One faithful day, she told Kweku Bonsam she’ll be visiting her family and she wouldn’t want her family to query her about the ring since she isn’t married so she want to remove the ring until she returns.

Efua Julie followed her instincts and removed the ring and few minutes later they saw a tortoise moving out of the house. Kweku Bonsam blamed it her saying she should have allowed him to perform a ritual before doing away with the ring.

Fast forward, the love for Kweku Bonsam died and she tried to abort the 8 months pregnancy but Doctors cautioned her not to try.

She went on to give birth in her parents house. Kweku Bonsam used to send money for the upkeep of the child but now he has stopped caring about the little boy.


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Video: Kwaku Bonsam has given birth with 20 women – Baby mama reveals

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