Video: “I slept in a coffin for 3 days in Burkina ” – Man recounts bl00d money experiences

Mysterious coffin containing human head found at Sefwi Asawinso
Mysterious coffin containing human head found at Sefwi Asawinso

A young man in Kumasi has narrated how a friend lured him into blood money game.

The man said his colleague who used to sell coconut like him convinced him to join him go for blood money from a spiritualist.

That friend too was convinced by another person. The three of them journeyed to a village in Burkina Faso to see a recommended spiritualist.

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The spiritualist according to the guy had an interpreter who could see so many languages including twi.

All three of them were made to sleep in a coffin for three days. According to the guy during the 3 days in a coffin, he felt his soul has left him to a different world where he experienced many things that doesn’t exit in our real world.

When the spiritualist finally got them awaken, he gave all three of them a pot and ordered them to keep the pot in a sacred place for 7 days after which they it will start making them money.

Few days on returning to Kumasi, the friend of his friend who brought the whole blood money idea got sick and finally passed away.

This brought fear and panic so they reached out to the interpreter of the Spiritualist who calmed them down that the deceased didn’t have a strong spirit hence his demise.

After the 7 days, they started making money but the money comes only when they sleep with a girl and she dies.



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